OBSTACLES Release: November 2018 Genre: 2d retro arcade hi-score chaser Role: Solo Game Developer Made with: PICO-8 Gamejam: UL GameJam 2

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Release: February 2019 Genre: 2d narrative, retro pixel art Role: Solo Game Developer Made with: Bitsy Gamejam: Emotional (Digital) Mecha Jam, itch.io

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney


Recast Release: January 2020 Description: Users must repair shapes on a conveyor belt. Genre: 2d puzzler Role: Game Developer (Design, programming) Made with: PICO-8 Gamejam: Global Game Jam Online (2020), Diversifiers “The Roaring 20s”

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Ludum Dare 46 - Keep it Alive - Day 3 Complete and Game Live!

This is the ending post about my Ludum Dare 46 entry. To start at the beginning, go to Day 1 here: https://darrenk.net/ludum-dare-46/ Ludum Dare 46 was an interesting challenge. There are many things I would change if I were to do it again. That said, I am quiet happy to have finished something - even if it is a sparse experience for the player. You can play the game here: https://darrenkearney....

2020-04-21 · 2 min · 215 words · Darren Kearney