A gameplay animated gif of Tiles and Tibble-ations: Lyall's Folly. My gamejam game from solo jamming Galway Game Jam 10, by Darren Kearney @darrencearnaigh

Solo Jamming Galway Game Jam 10 – “Extinction”

The theme was either “extinction” or “insomnia”. Think about that. What game would you make? I chose “extinction”. These themes were odd, both of them are horrible in real life. These themes must be in the top 10 misery charts. Using a theme that is negative or depressing adds an extra challenge. When writing this … Continue reading "Solo Jamming Galway Game Jam 10 – “Extinction”"

UL Gamejam 2 by UL Games Dev Society - Jam, The Game - sponsored by JetBrains and ICT Learning Centre

UL Gamejam 2: Simplicity

For UL Gamejam 2 I joined a team with Dave Ryley and two of his brothers, Brian and Jono Ryley. Dave is a veteran game jam enthusiast, but this was both Brian and Jono’s first experience of a gamejam. Luckily we got a great theme for the first-timers; “Simplicity”. Together we made Jam, The Game. … Continue reading "UL Gamejam 2: Simplicity"

Darren's #MeetTheJammer file

Anticipation of Global Game Jam 2018

I’m delighted to be able to attend my 4th Global Game Jam in Galway. I’ll be switching to another game engine for the jam AGAIN – this time I’ll be using Godot Engine instead of Pico-8 (which I have been using these past few months). Since the Previous Global Game Jam I used Godot during … Continue reading "Anticipation of Global Game Jam 2018"