UL Gamejam 2 by UL Games Dev Society - Jam, The Game - sponsored by JetBrains and ICT Learning Centre

UL Gamejam 2: Simplicity

For UL Gamejam 2 I joined a team with Dave Ryley and two of his brothers, Brian and Jono Ryley. Dave is a veteran game jam enthusiast, but this was both Brian and Jono’s first experience of a gamejam. Luckily we got a great theme for the first-timers; “Simplicity”. Together we made Jam, The Game. … Continue reading "UL Gamejam 2: Simplicity"

Irish Game Dev Group Survey Respondants Chart

A thought on “Where are Irish Game Devs?” survey results

Recently there was a series of “Who is Irish Game Dev” polls in the IrishGameDev facebook group which had some interesting results. For me the most interesting was the “Where is Irish Game Dev?” which asked everyone in the group to select the province in which they work. The survey results: Location Count Connacht 26 … Continue reading "A thought on “Where are Irish Game Devs?” survey results"