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Tag: global game jam

GDC 2022 Global Game Jam Scholarship – a quick report

Hi folks, I have recently returned from my trip to Game Developers Conference (GDC). The Global Game Jam’s scholarship program was instrumental in my ability to attend this industry event. More details here. I’m currently self-isolating at home feeling very fatigued as I recover from Covid-19, which I seem to have contracted during my visit to the states. In brief… I learned a great deal, and my personal scholarship mission was to be taken in two parts. Part one is to take in as much as knowledge as I can, while meeting with as many people as I can, in order to be a bridge back to Galway. Part two is to maximise the effect of that learning for the…

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My Global Game Jam 2018 Post-Mortem

In my previous post, written before the 10th annual Global Game Jam, I mentioned my aims, expectations and excitement about the jam. In this post, I’ve written about the game I worked on at the jam as well as the main struggles faced by the team. More great lessons from just one single weekend! Assembling a team I aimed to make something very small in scope and simple to make. Making things with friends is more fun so I wanted to get a team together. James Ward, a friend with the twinned brain powers of wildly creative imagination and laser beam focus, was on board for the jam. We got in touch with Cathal Duane, another friend who was also…

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Anticipation of Global Game Jam 2018

I’m delighted to be able to attend my 4th Global Game Jam in Galway. I’ll be switching to another game engine for the jam AGAIN – this time I’ll be using Godot Engine instead of Pico-8 (which I have been using these past few months). Since the Previous Global Game Jam I used Godot during last year’s Global Game Jam and I failed hard. A lesson was learned, which is what game jams are about! While an obvious one, let me share it with you: “One should not learn a new game engine at a game jam and expect to have anything more than a Pong clone”. Sadly, since then I have not used Godot for anything, even though I…

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