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Galway Game Jam 16 virtual jam – Organising and running our first online-only game jam with a livestream!

This event went surprisingly well. While it was organised in haste, in a bit of a last-minute bid to get a gamejam done in 2020, the community really came together around this one to make it a worthwhile endeavor. Want to see the games made at this event? Check out Want to check out the livestream and clips? See our Galway Game Jam twitch and youtube channels in the references section below. Launch Video Livestream Well, the livestream is over and the VOD’s have been removed from twitch so unfortunately you can’t watch it anymore. We have downloaded the stream recordings though, with over 18 hours of footage from our two days of live streaming. We will be putting…

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Game Jam+ 2019 in Dublin

I made a game called DeathCatcher on a team with some lovely folks at the GameJamPlus 2019 48 hour game jam in Dublin. Our team name was MetalAsFolk. If you have a Quest VR headset, you can get the build here: Lessons I learned How to make a shader! What a shader is. What a vertex shader does. What a fragment shader does. Things that could have made our pitch better More art assets in the slides, more theming in the slides in general Video clips of gameplay Video clips of someone playing the VR game, with a screen of what is happening in-game in the video, to show off the and fun of interacting with the game world…

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OBSTACLES – My Entry For UL Gamejam 3

OBSTACLES is a top-down 2d driving game that started life as an entry for the UL Gamejam held on November 3rd 2018. It’s available as a browser game playable with a keyboard or controller on The gamejam theme was “Obstacles”, hence the game name. Designing the Game I sketched a few ideas for games and settled on an idea that became this game. The idea was that the computer plays as the car and you play as a monster/wizard that is throwing heavy objects on the road to cause the robot car to crash. With the pressure of time, and maybe a little too much time trying to figure out lanes and such, I decided to go simpler and…

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Ludum Dare 41 – Combine 2 Incompatible Genres (Part 2)

Here I write about my second day of the gamejam weekend. Part 1 is here. Happy Accidents On the second day of the gamejam, I had a scheduling mishap. I had convinced myself that I had band practice and took some notes for the game in the morning. After I went into town and learned of my mistake I decided to use it as an opportunity for learning. Knowing practically nothing about how a cafĂ© or tea room actually works I reckoned it would be a good first step to organize a short meeting with some people who run such a business. My research hat on, I set out for a place that serves tea and has a relaxing atmosphere…

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