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Tag: game industry

Thoughts on game jams after Galway Game Jam 19

I was recently asked to provide a blurb about the event, which lead me to write a bit too much. So, I thought I would drop my thoughts on game jams here on my blog in case anyone else was interested. Galway Game Jam 19 – “Wild” / “Wild Galway” – hybrid jam At Galway Game Jam 19, we ran a hybrid game-making event – the first time we’ve had one since January 2020. We also had another first – a collaboration with Ard├ín and CREW. This is the first time Galway Game Jam has gained any external interest from local screen industry organisations, in nearly a decade of jams, so we hope this experience will be the first of…

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A thought on “Where are Irish Game Devs?” survey results

Recently there was a series of “Who is Irish Game Dev” polls in the IrishGameDev facebook group which had some interesting results. For me the most interesting was the “Where is Irish Game Dev?” which asked everyone in the group to select the province in which they work. The survey results: Location Count Connacht 26 Leinster 109 Munster 13 Ulster 5 Not in Ireland 15 Total respondants: 168 (approx 13.488% of group) Members in group: 2266 This data was used to create a pie chart that showed the percentage of total count spread across each location. For this article I will use a bar chart to represent the data as I believe it has more impact. This helps us get…

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