In the past few days I’ve been streaming a game dev series on my Mind Cauldron twitch account as I learn Unity in real time.

You can follow along here:

The stream is a straight-forward live stream of my game development. If watching and chatting with someone while they work on their passion projects sounds like fun to you then your in for a treat. Otherwise it is suspiciously like you are watching a reality show of someone working from their home-office.

I aim to stream nearly ever day. That way myself and my team can track progress on the game and hopefully feel something positive amidst the messed up global crisis as we work on our lovely little wholesome game.

Why make a game?

I want to learn Unity. What better way to learn something than by using it in a project? Trick question, there is no better way (at least for me!).

These are very strange times, and I have found myself really digging in to my game-dev passion. I have also assembled a team of artists who I really want to work with, so now is as good a time as any for us to collaborate on a project, even if it is just for fun.

Oh ye, what’s the game about?

Being a giant fungus that is trying to save an old tree from dying. It’s a friendly game without guns, and hopefully will help inspire people to learn more about the wonderful weirdness of nature.

Specifically it is a top-down 2D puzzle game with 1-bit retro style pixel art and a lot of love. You play as a mycelium network super-conciousness that sprouts mushrooms around a forest to solve puzzles in order to help an old tree recover from disease.

You can play the game prototype and read more about it in my regular Dev Logs on the game page:

Here’s the stream link again if you want to me ask questions or watch me make mistakes: