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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a living document and is updated from time to time. Last updated: 2022-12-29 What is This is a personal website/blog, the web address is: What personal data we collect and why we collect it Network traffic details related to the usage of the website and the computer you are connecting from. Why? Firstly it is to deliver the site content. Additionally, if you accept the cookie policy, details will be logged with third party analytics providers to better understand usage of the website....

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Gamejam Survival Kit [WIP]

Jump to resource list Resources for making games are plentiful and there are many treasure troves of links to those resources scattered about the internet. Especially for gamejams. The aim of this specific post gives you a treasure map of links which will help you on your initial journey to track down that tutorial you need or discover something fun and new to consider adding to your game or gamedev toolkit....

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