Beet 'Em Up

Beet ‘Em Up Release: January 2015 Genre: 2d Beetroot Farming Rhythm Puzzler Role: Game Design, Game Art Made with: Graphics Gale, Photoshop Gamejam: Global Game Jam - “What do we do now?” - Pulse College, Galway

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Cosine Bastard

Cosine Bastard Release: January 2017 Genre: 2d puzzler Role: Solo Game Developer Made with: Godot Engine Gamejam: Global Game Jam - “Waves” - Pulse College, Galway

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Command-line Chess

Command-line Chess Release: April 2017 Genre: classic board game Role: Solo developer Made with: Python (Linux) I believe I may still have some screenshots of this somewhere. Eventually I will get around to updating my site content to show these.

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Brave Commander

Brave Commander Release: June 2017 Genre: 2d arcade, couch multiplayer Role: Solo developer Made with: JavaScript, phaser.js, Audacity, Graphics Gale Gamejam: Bravery jam, Pulse College Galway, 2017 I also did some voice over for this game, for both the title screen and in-game status messages. This was a lot of fun!

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Fungi Garden

Project name: Fungi Garden Release: (development on hiatus) Genre: 2d, puzzle, adventure Role: Lead Programmer Made with: GameMaker Studio Company: Portal Punch Ltd.

2022-10-10 · 23 words · Darren Kearney