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A few considerations for teaching Unity to folks on the spectrum from a lay-person who has delivered a single evening course (Is this a joke? Well I learned a lot, might as well blog it!)

The main takeaways are: Unity is fine to teach to folks on the spectrum. Individuals vary! (No one person on the spectrum is representative of the group) However, the class must be granted adequete time, adequate resources, a well designed course curriculum, a patient instructor and if possible, an assistant to help students when necessary. Have something to present at the beginning of class that can take up to 15-20 minutes if needed, perhaps with lots of visual examples, animated or otherwise. Visual Scripting is the way forward for teaching how to add behaviours in Unity (but this needs to be designed and tested before I can really know for sure!) Don’t get too emotionally invested in the success of…

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Teaching game development with the Western Care Association

This week I began teaching a game development course in Mayo. I was a bit nervous, but this quickly melted away as we got stuck into the course material. The class size was small, which was great, as it meant I was able to give each student my focussed attention. Nik Kemski was their previous tutor, so there’s a high standard to live up to! I will do my best, and I am enouraged that the students all seem very interested in the topic and engaged to learn. The first class covered the initial setup of the development environment – the boring stuff – just to get that out of the way and ensure we are all on the same…

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Thoughts on Slipways development from PICO-8 to Unity

I’ve been following this game since it’s first iteration was developed and released on the PICO-8 website. It’s a wonderfully casual and short playtime for a game with a 4X strategy feel. Did the developer always have the evolution of the game in mind from the beginning? Having played another game from the developer in the past I guess you could say I was becoming a fan. The development of Slipways was also fun to follow as a PICO-8 enthusiast. Seeing someone bring their own experiment into full production is quite inspiring. I’m curious, at what point does one decide to continue with or abandon a project? How do you make the call? Nearly every project starts off with a…

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Teaching drums

Today I delivered my second ever drum lesson. I learned about learning too! It seems to me that, in order to learn well, you need to understand the lesson in abstract terms, and train your nervous system for coordination. Many lessons and classes tend to be scheduled in half-hour or hour blocks of time. To my surprise, I’ve found that when I let these drum lessons go over an hour, by about 20-30 minutes, the rate of failure in the student drops a significant amount in the last 10-15 minutes. Why do they become more successful? Why are classes/lessons not set for 1hour 20 minutes by default? Why do they become more successful with more time on the kit? Practice,…

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Example configuration for Wireguard VPN tunnel

Wireguard is currently not fit for production use as it is under heavy development. With that in mind, it is an fantastic piece of software and I cannot wait for it to get security certification and proper testing, so we can adopt it into the IT workplace. VPN’s can be complicated. Wireguard is simple and I managed to configure and connect with only a few simple steps. Here is my example config so you can be even faster than me. In my own situation I had only a few hours to wipe a computer, build a dedicated workstation, learn, set up and test this VPN for a project. I can say it was one of the easiest to configure VPN’s…

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