Beet 'Em Up

Beet ‘Em Up Release: January 2015 Genre: 2d Beetroot Farming Rhythm Puzzler Role: Game Design, Game Art Made with: Graphics Gale, Photoshop Gamejam: Global Game Jam - “What do we do now?” - Pulse College, Galway

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Cosine Bastard

Cosine Bastard Release: January 2017 Genre: 2d puzzler Role: Solo Game Developer Made with: Godot Engine Gamejam: Global Game Jam - “Waves” - Pulse College, Galway

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Command-line Chess

Command-line Chess Release: April 2017 Genre: classic board game Role: Solo developer Made with: Python (Linux) I believe I may still have some screenshots of this somewhere. Eventually I will get around to updating my site content to show these.

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Brave Commander

Brave Commander Release: June 2017 Genre: 2d arcade, couch multiplayer Role: Solo developer Made with: JavaScript, phaser.js, Audacity, Graphics Gale Gamejam: Bravery jam, Pulse College Galway, 2017 I also did some voice over for this game, for both the title screen and in-game status messages. This was a lot of fun!

2022-10-10 · Darren Kearney

Fungi Garden

Project name: Fungi Garden Release: (development on hiatus) Genre: 2d, puzzle, adventure Role: Lead Programmer Made with: GameMaker Studio Company: Portal Punch Ltd.

2022-10-10 · 23 words · Darren Kearney

Thoughts on game jams after Galway Game Jam 19

I was recently asked to provide a blurb about the event, which lead me to write a bit too much. So, I thought I would drop my thoughts on game jams here on my blog in case anyone else was interested. Galway Game Jam 19 - “Wild” / “Wild Galway” - hybrid jam At Galway Game Jam 19, we ran a hybrid game-making event - the first time we’ve had one since January 2020....

2022-08-05 · 5 min · 1029 words · Darren Kearney

Where to start in gamedev in Ireland

Meet people! Ireland The Games Co-Op Meetup - Imirt - Galway Game Jam - NI GameDev Network - Conferences Gamescom (Koln, Germany) Develop: Brighton (Brighton, UK) Learn stuff! Business Books: The game dev business handbook. You might know about running other businesses already. This book is aimed at game developers / makers who don’t know about business but want to set up their own game development business/studio....

2022-05-24 · 2 min · 373 words · Darren Kearney

GDC 2022 Global Game Jam Scholarship - a quick report

Hi folks, I have recently returned from my trip to Game Developers Conference (GDC). The Global Game Jam’s scholarship program was instrumental in my ability to attend this industry event. More details here. I’m currently self-isolating at home feeling very fatigued as I recover from Covid-19, which I seem to have contracted during my visit to the states. In brief… I learned a great deal, and my personal scholarship mission was to be taken in two parts....

2022-03-31 · 3 min · 618 words · Darren Kearney

Building a Visual Novel game with Renpy and Spreadsheets

After trialing a few different visual novel builders, my team and I settled on Renpy for this game. Using Renpy as our game engine provides most everything we would want to make a visual game very quickly. Speed is a huge plus for us because our team of two artists, our writer and our programmer (me!) are all working on this project in our spare time. Having multiple people working on game assets can cause conflicts....

2021-08-31 · 6 min · 1131 words · Darren Kearney

Galway Game Jam 17 - "Community Spirit"

The Galway Game Jam 17 virtual jam had a lovely energy about it. The theme was selected from a process of rounds of suggestions and voting by the community. Quite a fitting theme! You can play the games made at the jam here: We also ran a livestream with mentors giving presentations on topics, or just chatting about gamedev. Some familiar faces returned for that, and we hosted some new mentors which is always fun....

2021-06-22 · 1 min · 147 words · Darren Kearney



2021-05-14 · 5 min · 899 words · Darren Kearney

Galway Game Jam 16 virtual jam - Organising and running our first online-only game jam with a livestream!

This event went surprisingly well. While it was organised in haste, in a bit of a last-minute bid to get a gamejam done in 2020, the community really came together around this one to make it a worthwhile endeavor. Want to see the games made at this event? Check out Want to check out the livestream and clips? See our Galway Game Jam twitch and youtube channels in the references section below....

2020-12-29 · 5 min · 934 words · Darren Kearney

Impostor syndrome, learning language programming, creative puzzle pieces and low mood

As you might know from following me elsewhere online, I have been designing a new adventure game with some light puzzle and resource management mechanics. The working title for the project is “Fungi Garden”, and you can learn more about it on my website here: The game is inspired by the fascinating interactions that occur in nature between mycelium, mycorrhiza and tree root systems. Currently, I have many ideas for the game....

2020-06-04 · 10 min · 1955 words · Darren Kearney

Ludum Dare 46 - Keep it Alive - Day 3 Complete and Game Live!

This is the ending post about my Ludum Dare 46 entry. To start at the beginning, go to Day 1 here: Ludum Dare 46 was an interesting challenge. There are many things I would change if I were to do it again. That said, I am quiet happy to have finished something - even if it is a sparse experience for the player. You can play the game here: https://darrenkearney....

2020-04-21 · 2 min · 215 words · Darren Kearney

Ludum Dare 46 Keep it alive Day 1 Complete

I’m streaming development on Head over there and give me a follow! Here’s some progress and process in images. Random sketches during idea generation last night…ye ¯\_(ツ)_/ #ldjam46 Possible title for the game. I like the colours. Concept art in MS Paint with breakdown of areas for figuring out rooms layout and connections. #ldjam46 Screenshot of agri dome area. #ldjam46 Screen of elevator controls in agri dome #ldjam46 Screen of sub level 1 #ldjam46...

2020-04-19 · 1 min · 154 words · Darren Kearney

Streaming, Gamedev and Learning Unity during Covid-19 social isolation

In the past few days I’ve been streaming a game dev series on my Mind Cauldron twitch account as I learn Unity in real time. You can follow along here: The stream is a straight-forward live stream of my game development. If watching and chatting with someone while they work on their passion projects sounds like fun to you then your in for a treat. Otherwise it is suspiciously like you are watching a reality show of someone working from their home-office....

2020-04-09 · 2 min · 335 words · Darren Kearney

Game Jam+ 2019 in Dublin

I made a game called DeathCatcher on a team with some lovely folks at the GameJamPlus 2019 48 hour game jam in Dublin. Our team name was MetalAsFolk. If you have a Quest VR headset, you can get the build here: Lessons I learned How to make a shader! What a shader is. What a vertex shader does. What a fragment shader does. Things that could have made our pitch better More art assets in the slides, more theming in the slides in general Video clips of gameplay Video clips of someone playing the VR game, with a screen of what is happening in-game in the video, to show off the and fun of interacting with the game world in real life....

2019-08-10 · 11 min · 2195 words · Darren Kearney

OBSTACLES v0.0.8 - 1GAM Galway Update and Changelog

Originally posted on the OBSTACLES Devlog. Yesterday I brought OBSTACLES to a local meetup that I run called 1GAM Galway. You can read about that meetup here. 1GAM Galway is a game dev meetup I run that follows the challenge and a serves as a time and place for game developers and hobbyists to play each others game projects, give feedback and chat. Today I’ve been addressing a few things about the game that were discovered or suggested at 1GAM Galway....

2018-11-07 · 3 min · 451 words · Darren Kearney

OBSTACLES - My Entry For UL Gamejam 3

OBSTACLES is a top-down 2d driving game that started life as an entry for the UL Gamejam held on November 3rd 2018. It’s available as a browser game playable with a keyboard or controller on The gamejam theme was “Obstacles”, hence the game name. Designing the Game I sketched a few ideas for games and settled on an idea that became this game. The idea was that the computer plays as the car and you play as a monster/wizard that is throwing heavy objects on the road to cause the robot car to crash....

2018-11-05 · 3 min · 464 words · Darren Kearney

PICO-8 Workshop for UL Gamedev Soc

Last week I was asked to run a PICO-8 workshop in Limerick. This week I ran it. I continued to work on the tiny prototype-game from the workshop. It’s not much even for a crappy Pacman clone, but it was made in about half a day. You can: play the game that came out of the workshop on, and/or read the notes from the workshop on github. Anyway, the workshop was a nice surprise!...

2018-11-02 · 3 min · 618 words · Darren Kearney

Extinction Cat - Galway Game Jam 10

Galway Game Jam 10 offered either “extinction” or “insomnia” as a theme. Which would you choose? I chose “extinction”. I made a broken game, designed to make you feel horrible and think about extinction. A terrible game about being a cat in 1894. These themes were oddly miserable in tone. Using such a theme adds an extra challenge and makes you get a little philosophical! Such gamejam themes can make really interesting games that would never otherwise exist....

2018-06-18 · 11 min · 2197 words · Darren Kearney

Darren's (Quick and Dirty) Pico-8 Cart Masher

About a week after UL’s Game Dev Soc Game Jam, I had some free time to revisit the collaboration tool I made for the gamejam team. It was nothing special, but I was hit by a mini-epiphany of turning it into a super-simple web app that would aim to make it as easy as possible to use. A fun little side-project, why not? Generally when solving any problem I have to ask myself “Has this been solved before?...

2018-05-15 · 4 min · 762 words · Darren Kearney

Ludum Dare 41 - Combine 2 Incompatible Genres (Part 2)

Here I write about my second day of the gamejam weekend. Part 1 is here. Happy Accidents On the second day of the gamejam, I had a scheduling mishap. I had convinced myself that I had band practice and took some notes for the game in the morning. After I went into town and learned of my mistake I decided to use it as an opportunity for learning. Knowing practically nothing about how a café or tea room actually works I reckoned it would be a good first step to organize a short meeting with some people who run such a business....

2018-04-25 · 5 min · 858 words · Darren Kearney

Ludum Dare 41 - Combine 2 Incompatible Genres (Part 1)

This theme is fantastic - it drives creativity. Simply by getting you to juxtapose genres in a particular way to see what doesn’t fit! Then think of idea’s that are achievable in the given time. Repeat until you land on something you think might be fun and wow, it’s already going to be fun simply on the merit of it’s wacky genre combination. I’ve started to work on a Turn-Based Strategy Game that is actually a Text Adventure made using Twine....

2018-04-21 · 1 min · 110 words · Darren Kearney