Hi. I’m a freelance developer who works on games and websites. Occasionally I run events and deliver workshops for learning new skills and making things.

You can follow me on twitter here: @darrencearnaigh

Some of the technologies I use:

  • Scripting Languages: Python, JavaScript, PHP, Lua, Bash/sh
  • System Languages: C#
  • Databases: MySQL
  • Source control: Git
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Gandi, Linode
  • Blog Engine: WordPress
  • Game Engines: Unity, PICO-8, Godot
  • OSes: Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Windows

In general I privately host my code but you can check out some of my shelved side-projects and other random code on github.

What I love to do:

  • Making new things; especially gamejams & prototyping.
  • Maintaining things; Fixing bugs and making things better.
  • Playing games; especially roleplaying games, strategy games and simulators.
  • Music; Listening to and making music, especially drumming.
  • Being arty; Drawing and digital painting (especially characters from my groups rpg campaigns).
  • Meeting friends for the chats!
Game Developer Meetups In Galway

In January 2017 I started 1GAM Galway (facebook, twitter) with Ian Dunbar and Kevin Lynch. It is a meetup for people participating in the onegameamonth.com personal challenge, but it’s open to anyone making any type of game. 1GAM Galway aims to be a friendly and social way to help you motivate yourself to finish your game related projects.

Game Jams And Workshops

I enjoy running and attending game jams. Way back in 2016 I ran a bunch in Galway for Galway Game Jam, some in partnership with Global GameCraft. Since then I’ve run a 1GAM Galway Gamejam as well as several gamejam survival workshops.

You can check out my Eventbrite profile here: https://darrenkearney.eventbrite.ie

I dabble in art

Unlike the majority of developers, I did not study Software development or Computer Science at college. I studied art and design! Though these days I primarily code things, I occasionally make 2D art and put it on my art blog and instagram under @darrencearnaigh.

Want to get in touch? Email me at info@darrenk.net or send me a message on social media.

  • Twitter,
  • I am also on LinkedIn, though I don’t really take is seriously.