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Hi. I’m a freelance developer who works on games and websites. Occasionally I run events and deliver workshops for learning new skills and making things.

You can follow me on twitter here: @darrencearnaigh

Some of the technologies I use:

  • Scripting Languages: Python, JavaScript, PHP, Lua, Bash/sh
  • System Languages: C#
  • Databases: MySQL
  • Source control: Git
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Gandi, Linode
  • Blog Engine: WordPress
  • Game Engines: Unity, PICO-8, Godot
  • OSes: Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Windows

In general I privately host my code but you can check out some of my shelved side-projects and other random code on github.

What I love to do:

  • Making new things; especially gamejams & prototyping.
  • Maintaining things; Fixing bugs and making things better.
  • Playing games; especially roleplaying games, strategy games and simulators.
  • Music; Listening to and making music, especially drumming.
  • Being arty; Drawing and digital painting (especially characters from my groups rpg campaigns).
  • Meeting friends for the chats!
Game Developer Meetups In Galway

In January 2017 I started 1GAM Galway (facebook, twitter) with Ian Dunbar and Kevin Lynch. It is a meetup for people participating in the personal challenge, but it’s open to anyone making any type of game. 1GAM Galway aims to be a friendly and social way to help you motivate yourself to finish your game related projects.

Game Jams And Workshops

I enjoy organising and participating game jams (not at the same time!).

Way back in 2016 I ran a bunch in Galway for Galway Game Jam, every 3 months. Wegot support from Global GameCraft. During 2017 I took a break and came back to organise gamejams again from 2018 onwards.

I am a Site Organiser for Global Game Jam in Galway since late 2018. I’ve organised jam sites for the following Global Game Jam events:

  • GGJ ’19
  • GGJ ’20
  • GGJ Online (2021)
  • GGJ ’22

I was a board member of GameCraft CltG. from 2017 – 2020. GameCraft runs friendly 1-day game jams around Ireland and abroad with a strong focus on collaboration and openness to board games and craft. GameCraft events were studied by academic researchers studying diversity at informal education in the games industry. You can check out their findings – and their guide to more diverse events – here:

Past gamejams I’ve organised can be seen on my page here:

You can check out my Eventbrite profile here for older events:

I dabble in art

Unlike the majority of developers, I studied art and design! Though these days I primarily code things, I occasionally make 2D art and put it on my art blog, my Art Station porfolio and I also used to post on Instagram under @darrencearnaigh.

Want to get in touch? Email me at or send me a message on social media.

  • Twitter,
  • I am also on LinkedIn, though I don’t really take is seriously.