Hi. I’m a freelance developer. I’ve a passion for computers, games and solving problems. I enjoy running events and workshops centered around game development and programming for beginners.

You can follow me on twitter here: @darrencearnaigh

Here are some of the technologies I use:

  • Languages: Python, Javascript, PHP, Lua, Bash/sh
  • Databases: MySQL
  • Source control: Git
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, gandi, Linode
  • Blog Engine: WordPress
  • Game Engine: Godot, PICO-8

Here are some of my hobbies

  • PICO-8 (and other fantasy consoles),
  • Roleplaying games (D&D, Dark Heresy, Savage Worlds),
  • Drumming,
  • Drawing & painting,
  • Building things and,
  • Working as a TV extra (I get paid for that but it’s really something for fun!)

I generally use bitbucket to privately host my code but you can check out some of my side-projects and random code on github.

Game Developer Meetups In Galway

In January 2017 I started 1GAM Galway (facebook, twitter) with Ian Dunbar and Kevin Lynch. Originally a 1 Game A Month group / community for the onegameamonth.com personal challenge, modeled on the success of the 1GAM Dublin group. It aims to be open, friendly and social way to help you motivate yourself to finish your gamedev projects.

Game Jams And Workshops

I enjoy running and attending game jams. Way back in 2016 I ran a bunch in Galway for Galway Game Jam, some in partnership with Global GameCraft. Since then I’ve been running a monthly meetup, 1GAM Galway.

You can check out my Eventbrite profile here: https://darrenkearney.eventbrite.ie

Fun fact, there are a few released games which started as Galway Game Jam prototypes. Here’s a wee list (we all love lists):

All in all the gamejams showed a bunch of people that they can achieve a lot in just a weekend or a day when they put their minds to it. And hopefully have a bit of fun in the process. There’s tons of lessons one can learn from gamejams/hackathons/startup weekends. I’ve personally found gamejams a useful tool for learning which people I work best with as well as the value in carefully managed scope.

I dabble in art

Unlike the majority of developers, I did not study Software development or Computer Science at college. I studied art and design! Occasionally I make 2D art and put it on my art blog and instagram under @darrencearnaigh.

Want to get in touch? Email me at info@darrenk.net or send me a message on social media.

  • Twitter,
  • I am also on LinkedIn, though I don’t really take is seriously.