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Month: February 2022

A few considerations for teaching Unity to folks on the spectrum from a lay-person who has delivered a single evening course (Is this a joke? Well I learned a lot, might as well blog it!)

The main takeaways are: Unity is fine to teach to folks on the spectrum. Individuals vary! (No one person on the spectrum is representative of the group) However, the class must be granted adequete time, adequate resources, a well designed course curriculum, a patient instructor and if possible, an assistant to help students when necessary. Have something to present at the beginning of class that can take up to 15-20 minutes if needed, perhaps with lots of visual examples, animated or otherwise. Visual Scripting is the way forward for teaching how to add behaviours in Unity (but this needs to be designed and tested before I can really know for sure!) Don’t get too emotionally invested in the success of…

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