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Month: April 2020

Ludum Dare 46 – Keep it Alive – Day 3 Complete and Game Live!

This is the ending post about my Ludum Dare 46 entry. To start at the beginning, go to Day 1 here: Ludum Dare 46 was an interesting challenge. There are many things I would change if I were to do it again. That said, I am quiet happy to have finished something – even if it is a sparse experience for the player. You can play the game here: You can rate it here: Thanks to everyone who hung out in the stream over the Ludum Dare event, it was a bit of fun. Streaming also helped someone from the bitsy community understand an issue I was having, since they could view my screen and I could…

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Ludum Dare 46 Keep it alive Day 1 Complete

I’m streaming development on Head over there and give me a follow! Here’s some progress and process in images. That wraps up my first full day at it. Pixel art took a lot longer than expected. And I spent way too longer deliberating about the idea and how to proceed. I was working as if I had another team member to write stuff. Oh well!

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Streaming, Gamedev and Learning Unity during Covid-19 social isolation

In the past few days I’ve been streaming a game dev series on my Mind Cauldron twitch account as I learn Unity in real time. You can follow along here: The stream is a straight-forward live stream of my game development. If watching and chatting with someone while they work on their passion projects sounds like fun to you then your in for a treat. Otherwise it is suspiciously like you are watching a reality show of someone working from their home-office. I aim to stream nearly ever day. That way myself and my team can track progress on the game and hopefully feel something positive amidst the messed up global crisis as we work on our lovely little…

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