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Month: April 2019

Teaching drums

Today I delivered my second ever drum lesson. I learned about learning too! It seems to me that, in order to learn well, you need to understand the lesson in abstract terms, and train your nervous system for coordination. Many lessons and classes tend to be scheduled in half-hour or hour blocks of time. To my surprise, I’ve found that when I let these drum lessons go over an hour, by about 20-30 minutes, the rate of failure in the student drops a significant amount in the last 10-15 minutes. Why do they become more successful? Why are classes/lessons not set for 1hour 20 minutes by default? Why do they become more successful with more time on the kit? Practice,…

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Example configuration for Wireguard VPN tunnel

Wireguard is currently not fit for production use as it is under heavy development. With that in mind, it is an fantastic piece of software and I cannot wait for it to get security certification and proper testing, so we can adopt it into the IT workplace. VPN’s can be complicated. Wireguard is simple and I managed to configure and connect with only a few simple steps. Here is my example config so you can be even faster than me. In my own situation I had only a few hours to wipe a computer, build a dedicated workstation, learn, set up and test this VPN for a project. I can say it was one of the easiest to configure VPN’s…

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