Hi. I’m a web developer turn game developer. I run workshops – generally aimed at beginners – and events – which are generally aimed at everyone.

You can follow me on twitter here: @darrencearnaigh

Here are some of the technologies I use:

Languages: Python, Javascript, PHP, Lua, Bash/sh
Databases: MySQL
Source control: Git
Cloud Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services, gandi, Digital Ocean, Linode
Blog Engine: WordPress
Game Engine: Godot, PICO-8

Hobby stuff: PICO-8 (and other fantasy consoles), roleplaying games (D&D, Dark Heresy), drumming, drawing & painting, building things and working as a TV extra.

Though most of my code is in private repositories on bitbucket you can check out some of my side-projects and random code on github.

I sometimes run events, like workshops and game jams

You can check out my Eventbrite profile here: https://darrenkearney.eventbrite.ie
I enjoy running and attending game jams, like Galway Game Jam and 1GAM Galway Jam. A game jam is a challenge to make a small game or game prototype, typically of short duration from a day or weekend event or up to a month for online participation, either solo or with a small team. Last year I ran loads in Galway, some with Global GameCraft!

A couple of released games started life as Galway Game Jam prototypes. Here’s a wee list (we all love lists):

All in all the gamejams showed a bunch of people that they can achieve a lot in just a weekend or a day when they put their minds to it. And hopefully have a bit of fun in the process. There’s tons of lessons one can learn from gamejams/hackathons/startup weekends. I’ve personally found gamejams a useful tool for learning which people I work best with as well as the value in carefully managed scope.

1GAM Galway

In January 2017 with Ian Dunbar and Kevin Lynch I started 1GAM Galway (facebook, twitter)- A 1 Game A Month group / community for the onegameamonth.com personal challenge. It’s open, friendly and about helping you motivate yourself to finish your gamedev projects, as well as meeting people who make games.

I dabble in art

Might be a bit strange among programmers, but it’s where I started. Occasionally I make 2D art and put it on my art blog and instagram under @darrencearnaigh. I even have a degree in Art. That was a long time ago!

Want to get in touch? Email me at info@darrenk.net or send me a message on social media.

  • Twitter,
  • I am also on LinkedIn, though I don’t really take is seriously.